Every business starts small – but if you’re an entrepreneur facing the additional challenge of dealing with mental health issues and dreaming big, this is the blog for you. Whatever your industry, however big your dream, whatever the challenges you face, you’ll find yourself at home in this rapidly growing community. Why not join us? Sign up to receive regular updates, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

What to expect

Whether you’re starting out, or have been established for a while, Start Small – Dream Big has the information, advice, and support that will help your business grow, with a focus on self-care and support. We cover every aspect of starting up and running a business, from your first day to your first million. The blog is divided up into different sections to help you find the right resources for you and your business. Sign up to make sure that you never miss anything.

Why did I start this blog?

I have a real passion for SMBs and, as someone with my own mental health issues, for the added problems – and advantages – that they can present. I was born into, and grew up in, a family business. I’ve spent my career working for SMBs, and running my own. From an early age I learned about what was important, what made a business successful. I also learned what not to do. I want to share what I’ve experienced and learned over the years so that you reach your goals more easily.

My personal experience of mental health issues, and how they impact on daily life, particularly in business, has been long running. My diagnosis is complicated but it includes biological depression, generalised (sometimes severe) anxiety disorder, rapid cycling moods, and seasonal affective disorder. I know that my experience is unique to me, but that the problems I handle on a daily basis are similar to many others.

About me

I’m Emma and, in 2016, my family and I made the decision to change our lives completely and emigrate to Crete. I love the sunshine and the pace of life here, plus the food! My husband has a business in the UK, and I’m a freelance writer.

When I’m not writing or blogging, I love reading, cooking, singing in a multinational choir, and walking our elderly black labrador Stella. My weaknesses are trashy daytime TV, and salted popcorn.

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